Wednesday, January 27, 2016

As I plug along with some failures and victories this article series I found at Sparkpeople has helped!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Over the past 18 months my weight has crept to an uncomfortable one at best.  I was doing great, running with a friend until I injured my hip, then about the time my hip was healed up she injured her calf. The weight was creeping up even while I was running but when I stopped it crept faster than ever.  Now I have a good chunk to lose.  My New Years goals are two fold.  #1 - to finish memorizing the book of James, #2 - Start afresh with a No Sugar Challenge, and  #3 - track my food intake, every bite, until the weight is under control.

I want to start manageable so this week my goal is #1 - memorize 2 more verses in James chapter 1, #2 track every bite this week and #3 Plan on one square of chocolate a day to ease into the No Sugar Challenge. Oh and I have been doing Pilates again and want to do that 3 days this week as well.

 Let me know your resolutions, victories and short term goals!