Monday, April 29, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 8, 9 and 10

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Wow, I am finishing day 10 already.  I have felt really good with higher afternoon energy through this!  I am so thankful I took the challenge.

My core challenge has been renewed as of Sunday.  I cannot hold the plank pose for the full minute yet, but am doing 30 seconds strong now.  I will just keep challenging my body!!

Saturday work out: only did 3/4 of the core challenge.  Did 100 jumping jacks.  I have been doing these on busy days.  I do ten full body jumping jacks at a moderate pace then push myself hard for 5, then do 5 moderate, push myself hard for 5 more.  That's 25!  I take a lap around the dining room, then repeat this 3 more times!
Saturday food tracking: good

Sunday work out: ran 2.5 in 30 minutes!!  I was so excited to do this.  This is what I worked all summer 2011 to do for the turkey trot.  Then trained again last summer, basically starting over from scratch at the beginning of the summer.  I was pumped to not have to start over from scratch this year.  Working out on and off since Jan. 1, 2013 has paid off!!  Started the core challenge again today.  Plan to do it every day for 7 days, then reevaluate.
Sunday food tracking: non existent : (

Monday work out:  45 minutes fast walking, stretched, did core challenge, stretched again
Monday food tracking: good

weighed myself this AM and was disappointed to have gone up 1#.  All muscle, right??  I am encouraged by how my clothes are fitting so will just keep plugging away : )

Thank you Lord for new mercies!  Thank you for creating my body to need exercise! Thank you for sustaining my through 10 days of no sugar!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 7

Yesterday, Friday was day 7.  I confess it was my hardest day so far.  By God's grace I did not cave.  No Sugar!!  I just never felt satisfied yesterday.  Looking back I think I was longing for spiritual food. The day whizzed by without a lot of spiritual focus.  I am thankful my neighbor came over and we spent time looking at some memory verses or the day would have been completely lacking. 

I did 3/4 of the core challenge.
tracked all my food.

Hoping today goes better!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Core Challenge

Monday I decided to take up a new challenge.  The Core Challenge.

50 crunches 15 push ups 1 min plank 30 secs side plank each side 1 min
bridge 15 push ups 1 min plank 30 secs side plank each side 50 crunches 1 min
raised plank 2 mins. bridge 50 crunches

found at:

Here are some explanations for the various steps:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Days 5 and 6

Wednesday and Thursday

I thank the Lord these days went well.  I decided a month ago that work outs on Thursdays DO NOT work out for me (pun intended).  That makes a guilt free rest day for me on a morning I am often worn out from the late nights Wednesdays often turn into. 

I tracked food intake well both days!  Again I thank the Lord for this. 

I cannot believe tomorrow will be day 7!  I am so thankful things have gone so well so far.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 4

I weighed myself today and  have dropped a few pounds!  The challenge went well.  It Really helps to know Renee isn't eating sugar too. I have been experiencing a bit of as throat tickle so had a cough drop. An hour later I had this sinking feeling - the cough drop has sugar in it! Sure enough it does. I am not counting that since it wasn't premeditated. Also, sugar was the last ingredient :-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 3

Today was rough. I felt off, physically. My children (and husband) endured through the sour mood my being "off" caused. I wish I had called out to the Lord more and endured the day with gracious responses instead of snappy, harsh answers. I am thankful His mercies are new every morning!

Could my physical "offness" been a result of succeeding through two days of no sugar? I think so. Hoping tomorrow will go better.

Tracked every bite!
Worked out!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 2

Not a bad day.  Drew took us out to eat for supper to an all you can eat salad bar.  I refrained from any sugar. 

Father God, Thank you for a successful day on the "refrain from sugar" front! All glory to You!  Amen.

Side Note:  I found this note on my dresser and now that the entire family is well again I am taking this challenge also:  Today (written Saturday April 13, 2013) I am setting a new goal to

1) track (write down) every bite I eat AND
2) to work out a minimum of 5 days a week.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 1 Again :)

Saturday April 20th - day one

I remembered!!  I made it through the whole day without much difficulty.  I wasn't even really tempted at the bridal shower I attended.  I thanked the Lord for fruit, nuts and had those instead.

Lord, Please help me to see this through. Thank you for a day with little temptation.  Thank you for a sister to challenge me, and to walk with me through this. Amen.

Friday, April 19, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Day 1

Let's just say, well today ended up not really being day one because I completely forgot and totally indulged in 1/3 of a scone topped of with a Chai Latte!  No, I really did forgot.  I have been sick since Tuesday. This morning the girls and I ran out to look for a formal for Mary to wear to an up coming event.  On the way home I remembered I had a free birthday treat on my Panera card.  We stopped, and the rest is history.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

No Sugar Challenge

A year ago I took the no sugar challenge, lost weigh and gained energy.  I think it is time to take up the challenge again.  Thanks Renee for challenging me in the area!  I am looking forward to gaining energy and calling out to the Lord alongside you!