Friday, April 30, 2010

Planning Pay Off

I met with some ladies at Village Inn tonight. I ate the piece of pie I saved my calories up for. I nibbled that pecan pie, stretching out the enjoyment of each morsel for as long as possible. Oh man did I enjoy every bite. All the same, fellowship with the ladies far sweater. A soul is eternal. Pie - gone. Shy 2 Cups of water today. I am eager to weigh in tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Day

I am praising the Lord for another good day of journalling and water intake!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Over Full Feeling

Drank 12 Cups of H2O again today!
I made my calorie goal - amazingly.

Before supper I was super hungry and scarfed down three cups of popcorn. I almost forgot to measure. I grabbed a HUGE handful and was shoving it in when ding ding ding this internal alarm went off . I scarfed it down, then got out one of those custard bowls and got a cup of popcorn and took a HUGE handful back out. I felt slightly out of control as I was pigging it down. Then at supper I over ate on ground beef. I stayed within the calorie target but just ate more than I should have and boy did I feel bloated after supper. I just hate that over full feeling. I think next time I will just have 1/3 to a 1/2 Cup of the beef. Anyway - tonight when I felt like a little something about 8:00 I had to forgo it because of my supper behavior :-(

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bitin' and Writin'

All went on target today!

Just in Case

Hey if you are following this site - thank you! It is an encouragement to me in my journey. Just in case you are following with the intent of shedding a pound or two yourself I thought I would share some of the strategies I have learned in the journal area.
  1. Plan ahead for your calorie intake (when possible). If I know I am going to be going to Village Inn on Friday (real life senario) for pie I can go to their web site and figure out how many calories I need to save.
  2. No BLT's - That's Bites Licks and Tastes - when cooking. This one was really hard for me my first time through weigh loss. This time it doesn't seem to be as hard for me to remember. I enjoy licking the spoon when I am baking cookies. Just because I am counting calories doesn't mean I can't have a cookie, I just need to plan for it. Because I enjoy licking the dough I make up a cookie size ball of dough and nibble on it - then I am not deprived and I can write it down and track it.
  3. Measure everything so it can be accurately journaled. To help myself in this area I purchased a set of one cup custard cups. When we are having soup for dinner I can serve mine in the custard dish and I don't have to be conspicuous by having the measure cups out or whatever. I have some 1/2 C custard cups too. Somehow having these helps me with my measuring.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Map Your Route

Water intake - 12 Cups!
Journal - every bite today and within goal!

Found a neat feature on Spark People. I always wondered about how far I walk on the paper route in the AM. I kept meaning to drive out the route but found a way to do it on the Spark People site. If you click on this link you can map your route at the bottom of page. Pretty cool feature.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day Two

I was not successful in my water intake today. Close, but still want to do better tomorrow. I tracked every bite in my journal. I went 100 calories over but I am not going to beat myself up over that. One thing I have found different between what I remember of Weight Watchers and what I am currently experiencing through Spark People. WW didn't count as much for fresh vegetables. The first 1/2 C or something was free if I remember correctly. Anyway I am attributing my 100 extra calories to that. Ultimately I want to have lost a pound or two by my weigh in on Saturday so I am not going to let the 100 extra calories worry me.

I am thankful to have an accountability partner, it helps me stay on track. Right now Kari and I are both flying high, happy to be in control of our eating instead of our eating controlling us!

I found a note from July 3rd 2008. I was 200#. That is so motivating for me. By June of 2009 I was 152#! I remember how miserable I felt carrying the extra weight around. I enjoy a greater quality of life when I am at a comfortable weight.


My battle with bulge began after I had my first baby. Well, not exactly. I did indeed gain too much weigh with my first pregnancy but somehow without trying was down to my prepregnancy weight when I found myself in my second pregnancy. I didn't gain any excess with this pregnancy so I guess it was after my third pregnancy, when the weight didn't fall off that my battle began. About 9 months after my third baby was born that my husband suggested I join weight watchers, which I did. I gleaned a lot from being a part of this organization but resented the 10+$ that I was forking over every week. I did get down to my goal weight - 156 and maintained that through another pregnancy. After my fifth baby was born I joined spark people as I the weight was not coming off. I got the weight off, gained again with sixth pregnancy, got that off by last spring. Then over the coarse of 10 months I have gained 14 pounds. This brings me to my current motivation to get and KEEP my weight off.

Goal Keeping
  1. I was able to successfully journal every bite yesterday
my accountability partner shared these great phrases she learned from her past attendance of Weight Watchers:
  • You bite it - you write it
  • You smack it - you track it
funny how those little phrases help journal every bite.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Day

I had a successful day journaling every item I ate. My total caloric intake - 1,500, so I am in my goal range!

New goal:
  • drink 10-12 Cups of water a day

Fresh Start

I need to lose 14 to 15 pounds! I am planning to use this journal to help. I am very excited to be counting my calories again. I signed up for SparkPeople several years ago but have not signed in for about a year. I just signed in and recorded my weight this morning. By weighing in I got suggested daily calorie intake of 1,250 - 1,600 calories.

I was remembering last year when Mom fell and broke her hip and I traveled to FL I was down to 152#. I actually thought that was too thin. Yes I think one can get too thin. I lost 3# traveling, before that I was at the best weight for me. 155# or 156#. So what happened over the coarse of 10 or 11 months? I overate - plain and simple. I ate more calories than I was burning. My weigh in weight today - 170#. I am not going to let that get me down, BUT I am going to do something about it!!!!!

Overall Goals - The Long of it :-)
  1. Lose 14# to 15#
  2. Track/Journal every bite I eat (I bought a new notebook last week. I plan to use spark people's nutrition tracker to help me out here. They have a great resource as far as how many calories are in different food items.)
  3. Weigh In (at home) every Saturday (I have to note here it is not good to weigh yourself more than once a week so I am keeping my scale under my bed and am only going to pull it out on Sat. AM
  4. Be to my goal weight by July 4th
  5. Stay accountable with my partner, Kari (thanks sistah) and anyone else who wants to join in the journey.
Overall Goals - the short of it :-)
  1. Lose 14# to 15#
  2. Track/Journal every bite
  3. Weigh In (at home) every Saturday
  4. goal weight by July 4th
  5. Be accountable