Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day Two

I was not successful in my water intake today. Close, but still want to do better tomorrow. I tracked every bite in my journal. I went 100 calories over but I am not going to beat myself up over that. One thing I have found different between what I remember of Weight Watchers and what I am currently experiencing through Spark People. WW didn't count as much for fresh vegetables. The first 1/2 C or something was free if I remember correctly. Anyway I am attributing my 100 extra calories to that. Ultimately I want to have lost a pound or two by my weigh in on Saturday so I am not going to let the 100 extra calories worry me.

I am thankful to have an accountability partner, it helps me stay on track. Right now Kari and I are both flying high, happy to be in control of our eating instead of our eating controlling us!

I found a note from July 3rd 2008. I was 200#. That is so motivating for me. By June of 2009 I was 152#! I remember how miserable I felt carrying the extra weight around. I enjoy a greater quality of life when I am at a comfortable weight.

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