Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weigh In

Weighed in yesterday at 165. Had a really bad week as far as journaling goes BUT an excellent week pondering on God's word and surrendering different areas of my life to the LORD. He is so faithful. With Drew out of town for several days I literally did not have energy to journal every bite. Wednesday I started thinking about my focus with my weight loss. All I have been thinking about since I started is FOOD! The very thing I want to think less about. SO . . .

I so want the LORD to be the center of my thoughts! Him and HIM alone. What to do????

In 1999 I almost started the Weigh Down by Gwen Shamblin, after which I named the blog. How funny that it took me several weeks to get my focus right. I don't even have the book. In fact I don't think I ever owned it. The Weigh Down bible study had it's first planning meeting in my living room a day before the whole thing blew up due to some of Shamblins doctrinal views. I still think she has some great principles. These are the ones I remember and have been implementing the past few days.

1) Don't eat if I am not hungry (really listen to your body and learn hunger signals.)
2) If I think I am hungry drink a cup of water and wait a period of time to see if I was really thirsty and read my hunger signal incorrectly.
3) Pray before eating

So here I go!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whew What a Week!

I have had a wonderfully busy week! The Lord blessed our house with many friends visiting. I have not done great on the whole for journalling this week. It's funny I think I did pretty well eating small portions at meals, not getting out of control on the snacks and just gorging. I will weigh in and find out the truth tomorrow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting Over

I don't know exactly what happened today. There were successes and failures. Successes - like not eating ALL the chocolate the children gave me for Mother's Day. Failures - like not journalling every bit. I am starting fresh (again) tomorrow!

I am encouraged to stay the course on a spiritual front. Some ladies really encouraged me tonight. They stirred up my desire to go harder after the Lord. Be more faithful in my Bible reading/meditating.

It's all intertwined!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blew It

I totally blew it on the weigh down front this weekend. Other than my weigh in, Sat. AM which was good. down 2 #! I didn't journal so I don't know how bad I blew it. I will be hitting it fresh tomorrow!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I had a really bad day. Journal - breakfast only. water - o.k. just in a total slump. Funny, I don't think I'm pmsing :-). I still plan to weigh in tomorrow. The night is young but I am pooped out. It's bed time for this Mama!

This sums up my feelings so well. Well, maybe not the stage one quite, but the other two for sure.

Motivational Articles

I am feeling a bit unmotivated to stay the course this morning so I searched motivational articles on SparkPeople and came across this:

This article links to 3 other articles I have not read.

I did think when reading this article. On step three it would be beneficial for me write my thoughts down at this point. Writing triggers the brain differently, helping the analysis process.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Staying Encouraged

I am staying encouraged on the eating front. Had some other stress in the day which I was eventually able to surrender to the Lord. Emotions and eating go so hand in hand. I am curious to see how I do through pms. Time will tell.

success on calories
shy on water

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Time

Well I am back on line! We ended up, after some other trials, using You Squared for an internet provider. It has made tracking my food on Spark People so fast I love it! We had company tonight. He was an inspiration, but that is for The Tribe Talk post. Getting on to life style changes :-)

All is going well. I had trouble over the weekend. First our phone went out, which meant our dial up went out which made tracking difficult. I overcame and hand wrote (which I like to do anyway, I usually do both). Then I think, because I was out of my routine my calories got away from me early in the day and were almost used up by supper. That worked out fine too. I evaluated my hunger - nonexistent - so I thought - 20 cal. worth of salad would do me and it did. I just felt sort of off on the whole thing.

Monday dawned fresh and although I couldn't find my journalling notebook tracked on a sheet of paper. Came in good for calories and water.

Tuesday - found the journal and did well.

Wednesday - planned ahead and enjoyed dessert!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beth is experiencing Internet Difficulties and hopes to be back Online by tomorrow (Tuesday)!
For now, Move More and Eat Less! And when you're feeling tempted, grab that mid-section and take your snack there!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The dangers of Kentucky Fried Chicken

It's finger lick'n good that is FO SHO! I was having a good day all around. Sunny Side up sort of a day. Had a mix of 4 kids with me for some garage saling in the morning. Nice lunch, miticulously counted the chicken, cheese and spinach on my two tortillas. Drank 9 cups of water by 4 PM. My calorie count was at about 1,100 when Drew suggested going out to eat tonight. I told him I didn't know how that would fit in with my cal. counting. Then I thought, I need to be flexible and should be able to do o.k. We took the KFC to a park. I had packed some plates and so forth as well as a salad for myself. In the carrying from house to van my salad got left behind. SO I decided I would have the salad when I got home and have one wing to tide me over. Long story longer, I took one bite of that wing, licked my fingers and totally lost control of myself. That skin tasted SO good! In all I ate 3 wings and 2 legs :-( or :-) depending on how you want to look at. I decided I would keep track of every bite even though I was going out of control. I did and I ended up going 443 calories over. I am too tired to give it too much thought right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am certainly not going to give up.

Hurray! And Goal Review

Hurray! I am thanking the Lord that I was able to stick with my new eating plan for the entire week.

Weigh In - 166! (that's down 4#)

I remembered from past experience to expect a greater loss the first week when following a new (reduced calorie) eating plan. I was thankful for the 4# loss, but don't expect that much each week.

I decided to extend out my goal date a bit. From what I have read and what I remember from WW it is healthiest to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. With 11 pounds to go and the 4th of July 5 weeks away I think I should give myself a few more weeks. I will set my goal at Aug. 1st.

I thought about adding work out to these but I am just so pushed for time. I will just try to play some tag and things with the kids. I am still doing the paper route about 4 days a week too.
  1. Lose a total of 14 - 15#
  2. Track/Journal every bite
  3. Weigh again next Saturday (not sooner for psychological purposes)
  4. Goal weight by Aug. 1st
  5. Be accountable (Thanks Kari! and anyone who is following the blog :-))