Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Time

Well I am back on line! We ended up, after some other trials, using You Squared for an internet provider. It has made tracking my food on Spark People so fast I love it! We had company tonight. He was an inspiration, but that is for The Tribe Talk post. Getting on to life style changes :-)

All is going well. I had trouble over the weekend. First our phone went out, which meant our dial up went out which made tracking difficult. I overcame and hand wrote (which I like to do anyway, I usually do both). Then I think, because I was out of my routine my calories got away from me early in the day and were almost used up by supper. That worked out fine too. I evaluated my hunger - nonexistent - so I thought - 20 cal. worth of salad would do me and it did. I just felt sort of off on the whole thing.

Monday dawned fresh and although I couldn't find my journalling notebook tracked on a sheet of paper. Came in good for calories and water.

Tuesday - found the journal and did well.

Wednesday - planned ahead and enjoyed dessert!

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