Saturday, May 1, 2010

The dangers of Kentucky Fried Chicken

It's finger lick'n good that is FO SHO! I was having a good day all around. Sunny Side up sort of a day. Had a mix of 4 kids with me for some garage saling in the morning. Nice lunch, miticulously counted the chicken, cheese and spinach on my two tortillas. Drank 9 cups of water by 4 PM. My calorie count was at about 1,100 when Drew suggested going out to eat tonight. I told him I didn't know how that would fit in with my cal. counting. Then I thought, I need to be flexible and should be able to do o.k. We took the KFC to a park. I had packed some plates and so forth as well as a salad for myself. In the carrying from house to van my salad got left behind. SO I decided I would have the salad when I got home and have one wing to tide me over. Long story longer, I took one bite of that wing, licked my fingers and totally lost control of myself. That skin tasted SO good! In all I ate 3 wings and 2 legs :-( or :-) depending on how you want to look at. I decided I would keep track of every bite even though I was going out of control. I did and I ended up going 443 calories over. I am too tired to give it too much thought right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am certainly not going to give up.

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