Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hurray! And Goal Review

Hurray! I am thanking the Lord that I was able to stick with my new eating plan for the entire week.

Weigh In - 166! (that's down 4#)

I remembered from past experience to expect a greater loss the first week when following a new (reduced calorie) eating plan. I was thankful for the 4# loss, but don't expect that much each week.

I decided to extend out my goal date a bit. From what I have read and what I remember from WW it is healthiest to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. With 11 pounds to go and the 4th of July 5 weeks away I think I should give myself a few more weeks. I will set my goal at Aug. 1st.

I thought about adding work out to these but I am just so pushed for time. I will just try to play some tag and things with the kids. I am still doing the paper route about 4 days a week too.
  1. Lose a total of 14 - 15#
  2. Track/Journal every bite
  3. Weigh again next Saturday (not sooner for psychological purposes)
  4. Goal weight by Aug. 1st
  5. Be accountable (Thanks Kari! and anyone who is following the blog :-))

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