Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weigh In

Weighed in yesterday at 165. Had a really bad week as far as journaling goes BUT an excellent week pondering on God's word and surrendering different areas of my life to the LORD. He is so faithful. With Drew out of town for several days I literally did not have energy to journal every bite. Wednesday I started thinking about my focus with my weight loss. All I have been thinking about since I started is FOOD! The very thing I want to think less about. SO . . .

I so want the LORD to be the center of my thoughts! Him and HIM alone. What to do????

In 1999 I almost started the Weigh Down by Gwen Shamblin, after which I named the blog. How funny that it took me several weeks to get my focus right. I don't even have the book. In fact I don't think I ever owned it. The Weigh Down bible study had it's first planning meeting in my living room a day before the whole thing blew up due to some of Shamblins doctrinal views. I still think she has some great principles. These are the ones I remember and have been implementing the past few days.

1) Don't eat if I am not hungry (really listen to your body and learn hunger signals.)
2) If I think I am hungry drink a cup of water and wait a period of time to see if I was really thirsty and read my hunger signal incorrectly.
3) Pray before eating

So here I go!!!

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  1. Beth,
    I so resonate with this particular post. I have struggled with being obsessed with food even to the point where it becomes a god to me. It can be an idol. What to eat, how much to eat, when to eat. It is my prayer that I hunger and thirst after Him and His rightousness and if that is what I truly am after then He will satisfy all my needs, and my desire for food will weaken. Just what I am working through right now, I have not arrived, probably never will but I continue to surrender it to Him.