Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just in Case

Hey if you are following this site - thank you! It is an encouragement to me in my journey. Just in case you are following with the intent of shedding a pound or two yourself I thought I would share some of the strategies I have learned in the journal area.
  1. Plan ahead for your calorie intake (when possible). If I know I am going to be going to Village Inn on Friday (real life senario) for pie I can go to their web site and figure out how many calories I need to save.
  2. No BLT's - That's Bites Licks and Tastes - when cooking. This one was really hard for me my first time through weigh loss. This time it doesn't seem to be as hard for me to remember. I enjoy licking the spoon when I am baking cookies. Just because I am counting calories doesn't mean I can't have a cookie, I just need to plan for it. Because I enjoy licking the dough I make up a cookie size ball of dough and nibble on it - then I am not deprived and I can write it down and track it.
  3. Measure everything so it can be accurately journaled. To help myself in this area I purchased a set of one cup custard cups. When we are having soup for dinner I can serve mine in the custard dish and I don't have to be conspicuous by having the measure cups out or whatever. I have some 1/2 C custard cups too. Somehow having these helps me with my measuring.

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