Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Over Full Feeling

Drank 12 Cups of H2O again today!
I made my calorie goal - amazingly.

Before supper I was super hungry and scarfed down three cups of popcorn. I almost forgot to measure. I grabbed a HUGE handful and was shoving it in when ding ding ding this internal alarm went off . I scarfed it down, then got out one of those custard bowls and got a cup of popcorn and took a HUGE handful back out. I felt slightly out of control as I was pigging it down. Then at supper I over ate on ground beef. I stayed within the calorie target but just ate more than I should have and boy did I feel bloated after supper. I just hate that over full feeling. I think next time I will just have 1/3 to a 1/2 Cup of the beef. Anyway - tonight when I felt like a little something about 8:00 I had to forgo it because of my supper behavior :-(

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