Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ramblings - No Sugar Challenge Ups and Downs

I maintained the no sugar challenge for a good long time!  But alas and alack fell off the challenge for about 10 days : (  I am back on.  I really wanted to do a shakeology cleanse to help me get back on track.  I was lamenting the expense and asking the Lord for mercy to get back on track without it when He provided me with a free bag of the shake mix!  I am so so thankful. I know I need to be able to get back on track without it, but am thankful that doesn't have to be now. During my 10 days of sugar intake I felt sluggish, irritable, bloated, woke with a head ache, and by the end the old hot flashes started up.

On the exercise end - I have a partner to run with and that is supper motivating for me. We don't always run the whole way together but having someone show up at the back door with their running shoes on gets us both going in the right direction.  So even through the sugar overloading I maintained some exercise, or I may have gained all my weigh back that I have worked so hard to keep off  : )

Today I ran 2.94 miles in 29 minutes.  I did a pretty hilly route which I always enjoy - when it's done!!

I am very interested in The Trim Healthy Mama book and hope to get that again from the library.  Several friends are reading and implementing the principles and I am sure I can learn and glean from it.

Happy Saturday.  I am hitting it hard here to gear up for the fall semester of home schooling. I will have children in Kindergarten, Second, Fourth, Sixth, Ninth and Tenth grades this year!  Pretty exciting (and with lots of prayer, not too overwhelming : ) )!

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