Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Sugar Mess Up & the Big, Bad Ugly Effects

confession time.  I was going to write this last night but the increased sugar intake of late has left me way too tired! After a stressful Tuesday morning with every day life I took the kids out for a burger (since I had zero lunch plans). That would have been fine if I hadn't eaten the bun, & mayo. It left me craving. So I ate a protein bar (which had sugar in it), then a bit later a teaspoon of raw honey - ugh- and to top it off a handful of sugar cereal. Eating those things made me sluggish, lazy and just left me craving more. Naturally I had a hot flash that night. Wed. Some honey was consumed.  The effect was bad. Thursday went well. Friday, not so well. I lost track of Saturday but based on my hot flashes last night it could not have been good. I woke up with a head ache this AM and felt like I might throw up. I had cabbage salad and a cucumber for breakfast. Beef, spinach, carrots & cucumber for lunch. And a slab of chicken for supper. Attended a wedding with a dessert reception and opted for a cup of coffee with cream, determined to eat clean, rid myself of the sluggish feeling I have been carrying around, as well as the horrific dreaded hot flashes :-) . Renee, don't beat yourself up four little candies, just renew your commitment to glorify God in your eating habits, and learn from my downward spiral, it is not worth it!

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