Friday, May 10, 2013

No sugar Challenge Day 21

Wednesday Day 19
Lack of Sugar: Great, no real troubles
Work Out: HIIT 15 Core Challenge
Tracking: Great, met goal
Sleep: 7.5

Thursday Day 20

Lack of Sugar: Great, no real troubles
Work Out: Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but I felt like getting a little run in.  Abram and I went running together for about 15 minutes. I also did the Core challenge.  I feel torn, as I would like to follow the recommended schedule in the Turbo Fire plan, but don't want to let my running slide.  Praying about this one.
Tracking: great, met goal
Sleep: 7

Friday Day 21

Lack of Sugar: I purchased yogurt sweetened with honey, knowing full well what I was doing.  I felt the effects within an hour as my nasal passages got stuffy.  Very interesting.  I am going for a 28 day challenge starting Sat. May 11th
Work Out: Fire 30, Stretch 10
Tracking: did not track today
Sleep: 6  UGH!!  Ooops, but my house sure looks nice, cleaned dining, living, and kitchen more thoroughly, and they needed it.  This is supposed to be our Thursday morning family together cleaning time, but that time failed to be as productive as it sometimes is : )  So I stayed up until quarter past midnight last night and woke up at quarter past 6.  I am feeling the effects for sure.

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