Saturday, May 4, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Days 14 and 15

I guess this means I am continuing the no sugar trend!  I am excited to continue.  I am also a little nervous that when I do decide to take a bite of something with sugar I will not be able to control myself.  When that time comes I hope and will be in prayer and do much calling out to the Lord should I be tempted.

Day 14 - I realized I have not cut sugar out of my diet!!  I thought I was eating pure almonds in my almond butter.  Reading the label found there is cane sugar in it, so disappointing!  At day 5 Drew pointed out cranberries have sugar, which up until Wed. I ate. Here I read the raisins, they didn't have sugar so I thought cranberries were a ditto.  I am sure there are others.  I have been eating homemade bread which has 1 T. sugar per loaf, but I haven't been eating the entire loaf in one sitting.  I have determined to eat 1/4 a slice a day.
workout - 30 min run
core challenge
tracking - good until mid afternoon

Day 15 - I am ready to embrace another two weeks!
workout - core challenge
tracking - day off

Renee encouraged me to continue for another 14 day stint.  I will be more careful to read ingredients this time through.  She said she really noticed the benefits after week 3, so here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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