Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Sugar Challenge Days 11, 12, & 13

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

I cannot believe tomorrow is day 14!!!!
I am praising the Lord to have made it through the challenge. I am so thankful Renee carried on after her 14 days were done. I am so encouraged to have a partner. Even more encouragement - my sister Terry started the challenge! Thanks Terry & Nee Nee!

Tuesday workout: Enjoyed a great 30 min. run and did core challenge.
Food tracking: slacked a bit, didn't record evening eats.

Workout:  150 jumping jacks and core challenge.
Food tracking: didn't track today and ate two salads at a fellowship meal in which I tasted sugar in the dressing. One had sugar laden cranberries in it. Otherwise I did very well. Even got Chloe dessert without getting any for myself.

Workout: rest day.  I intended to do the core challenge but didn't do it right away in the morning and never did get it in.
Food tracking: didn't track again today. Drew and I took a date and I ordered Greek salad and black bean soup. I didn't cave when Drew bought a cookie!

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