Saturday, June 26, 2010


O.K. I didn't weigh in last Saturday because I left for NICHE Friday AM and was not back until late Sat. I didn't weigh in this AM for fear :). I am just really struggling with these last 10#. I am so selfish and want to be able to eat my treats when I want too :(. I know I need to give this area to the LORD and just can't seem to do it. Ugh! Anyone who wants to pray for me - please DO! I know all things are possible with the LORD.

I know too 10# doesn't seem like a big deal, why not just live with the extra weight right? The problem is I know the 10# will only increase with time if I don't give this area completely to the LORD and get in some better, God honoring eating habits. I know a treat now and then is o.k. but I just can't get away from constant treats. I know I should treat myself in other ways, but food treats are so convenient. I am just not trusting the LORD, but trusting in food instead. UGH! UGH!! UGH!!!

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